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Interracial Dating Success Stories

We Are Looking Forward To Our Forever Together
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I absolutely just love seeing all the wonderful stories of love that your site shares. It really shows that LOVE does conquer all. Javed, my husband is Jamaican and I am an American. We met online in July of 2014. We connected instantly. Talking, texting, skyping, you name it., all day, every day. After getting my passport I visited him on regular bases. Then he got his visa and started traveling here.

So after a year and half of us both traveling back and forth, we married on July 23, 2016. Both our families attended the wedding in Jamaica. Although the struggle of the distance is not quite over, each day we are getting closer to the end and we are looking forward to our forever together.

Support Interracial Dating
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There are plenty of black men who only date black women just like there are plenty of white men who only date white women. You also who people those on both sides who prefer interracial relationships. There are also those who don't have a preference either way. I think preferences or no preference of any kind is ok. Who you are attracted to is a personal decision. God has given natural color to everyone. yes very true love comes from heart and lets join hands and support interracial.

Clare & Jeff - Bristol, England, United Kingdom
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Our story is….I (the Guy) used to live with a racist family who didn’t believe in Interracial Relationships, but i was attracted to black girls. they didn’t like it and told me to move out so i did. me and this girl ( Tatyana) had been talking for 3 months Pryor to me moving out. We just talked as friends cause she knew how my parents were. Not knowing we would ever be to get her we used to say ” i wish” when it came to talking about being together and all that good stuff. Soon after i moved.

Fate is what I call meeting this man
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Fate is what I call meeting this man, he is wonderful, charming and has a great sense of humor. Honest, open and always has an ear for me. He loves me as much as I love him.

I have found my nideal partner
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I have found my ideal partner and we are now getting married. She is the light of my life and I love her to bits. I didnt think I would find someone as beautiful as my fiancee. We have started a new life together ad I am overjoyed.

Chertarnia & John - England, United Kingdom
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a little advice friends, loved being here, because im sharing pleasant moments with beatiful people hesitate for a moment to find here, and now i know, you just believe that beyond our world, there are people who are worth knowing, i now happy go for chosen this site.

I Love Black Men
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Idk i have always been attracted to black men i will see other race men to be attractive but im just not into them but i am very attracted to black men. My husband was attracted to me because of my personality, beliefs and who i am. He always jokes about how he always said he would marry a white girl but that is not the reason for our relationship. We now have 1 boy and a great life together and couldn’t image life any other way smile emoticon.

Found a part of my heart in this site
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every couples have their story but found a part of my heart in this site it is makes me very grateful things in my life, thanks a lot.

I can't imagine life without her
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When I first joined Interracial Dating I didn't know what to expect. I'm so happy that I did. I found someone who makes me happy every day, and I can't imagine life without her. Thank you for helping me meet my dream girl

We belong each other
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I am crazy we chat for 8 months the we fall in love I travel to Vietnam to meet her then we realize that we belong each other.

We have found each other
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really truly thanks for this Interracial dating site cause I found my true love true partner thru this site, now if God welling. We planing to get married next year. Thank you so much. ALLAH bless us amen.

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