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Top ten reasons why someone should date me
Posted by | April 1, 2017

verything that happens has a reason behind, as well as love. So, why someone should date you? There are 10 reasons of one friend. To be interracial dating effective, you need to identify your strengths and concentrate on them.

1. I’m a decent person.

2. I’m eye candy, I’ve been told

3. I’m a good bet for someone who wants a long-term, stable relationship: pretty decent income potential and pretty good with managing my finances

4. I’m a huge goofball and my superpower is happiness.

5. I love intellectual conversation and I have a decent breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics.

6. I love cooking. I’m pretty much an artist in the kitchen. No recipe. Give me the ingredients and I’ll make you something delicious.

7. I believe in working to live rather than living to work. Whoever I end up marrying or dating long-term is going to go on a lot of romantic getaways.

8. I’m a pretty decent lover who gets off on getting you off. That’s literally the most exciting thing for me.

9. I love putting together outfits and buying clothes for the person I’m with. In med school, I surprised my girlfriend several times by bringing her outfits

10. I’m super cuddly and I love giving massages. I didn’t start out that way. My home culture is not a very cuddly one. But my first adult girlfriend really liked cuddling and I became the cuddler she needed me to become.

There are more, but the question asked for only ten, so…

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